Fourth and Final.

19th April 2018. The day of my fourth and final ankle surgery. The morning I arrived I was greeted by familiar faces from the Traumatology department. First and foremost by the Biker, with whom we’ve kept in touch ever since we’ve met and became good friends. We even managed to arrange this special day as … More Fourth and Final.

9 months later…

Looking back at 2017, and this injury I suffered 9 months ago, I thought to try to collect some actual thoughts and jot them down. It’s been on my mind for a while that I should get back to writing, however I went back to work so abruptly and intensively in July, that I hardly … More 9 months later…

“They tried to make me go to rehab” and I said yes, yes, yes…

Monday 29th May 2017 at the Institution for Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation in Budapest. I arrived for – what I thought would be – a simple consultation of physiotherapy. “- Where were you operated?” “In Veszprém.” “- Who operated you?” “The Surgeon.” “- And tell me, what is it that you could not let go?” Within the … More “They tried to make me go to rehab” and I said yes, yes, yes…

Surgery #3

Tuesday, 23rd May 2017. The Breakthrough. My ankle allowed my foot to turn inside for the first time since the plaster came off. Only a slight movement inwards, but definitely inwards: and I managed to complete the full circle of ankle movement since 1st April. I had tears of joy, and tears of sadness the … More Surgery #3

Arriving Home

During my hospital stay my wife and her parents did the best they could. Not only did they look after me everyday, but also made it possible to have both of our children visit. First it was my son. Though he surely did not plan his visit, the way it happened. The Sunday following my injury, … More Arriving Home

Surgery #2

My surgery was on Saturday evening. Following my surgeon’s brief visit on Sunday early morning, I think he took a few days off: so I had no access to first-hand information on the details of the outcome. I was asking all the doctors visiting, but they were either unwilling to talk or had very vague information … More Surgery #2

Surgery #1

The last time I was in an operating room before my accident, was at the age of 5. Although it was a regular tonsil removing operation, I was awake during the surgery, and that occasion meant traumatic experiences for me. I still recall the green colors in the surgery room, the 3 lamps directed to my face … More Surgery #1

The Patients

Witnessing how my fellow comrades-in-pain experience the hospital stay, has been one of the most eye-opening endeavors of my life, I think. How people deal with pain. How people deal with setback. How people deal with patience. How people deal with loss. How people deal with healing. And of course, how I, myself deal with … More The Patients

The Hospital

I was rushed to the hospital by ambulance. In the car, the medical staff was young, both in their twenties, and I liked to have them with me, not only because they already experienced similar injuries, but also because with their sense of humor, it was easier to make it to the hospital 30 kilometers away. … More The Hospital

The Accident

That Saturday afternoon, 1st April 2017, I invited my son to play football. We were planning to do so for several days since planning to visit the grandparents. After the afternoon nap, I invited him, having dressed up already, when he replied he would not like to join… My wife also rather offered to go … More The Accident

April’s Fool

The recuperation will be a long one – especially considering that I never broke anything before and I have no recollection of what it really means to heal my own body. This is one of the first conclusions I made; that although I tried to be physically fit, playing football, squash, do exercise, swimming, cycling, or … More April’s Fool


19th April 2017 Today is the first day when I am left totally alone at home following my injury. I was lucky enough to stay healthy and not need hospital treatment since I was 5. On that occasion, I had my tonsils removed. Then, I have been lucky for 30 years to escape being hospitalized, … More Introduction

1 Year Later

17th April 2018. A day before my upcoming surgery. It’s taken me a while to get myself to writing again, even though recently the urge was there all the time. I am ahead of another important milestone, and potentially – although I am hopeful, that it is definitely – what should be the last surgery … More 1 Year Later